What is a fidget blanket or fidget pillow?

A fidget blanket is very helpful at delivering tactile and sensory stimulation. It helps prevent agitation, while also eliminating boredom.

People with autism or sensory problems need adequate stimulation to maintain their perception. That’s why a fidget blanket or fidget pillow can be a very good purchase for them. This product is a quilt with multiple items attached to it. The main focus is to stimulate the person touching it, while also maintaining a true focus on the activity at hand. In doing so, it helps prevent agitation, while also eliminating boredom as well. A fidget blanket is very helpful at delivering tactile and sensory stimulation, so it’s perfect for people that have autism, dementia, memory loss, and so on.

What is the fidget blanket made of?

A sensory fidget blanket for Alzheimer can be made from a variety of things. In general, an item like this will bring in multiple textures. The idea is for the fidget blanket to help kids with autism and people with dementia as they get re-acquainted with various textures and items. It all comes down to using fingers as a way to interact with the surrounding environment in a clever way. Also, the fidget blanket should be easy to wash as well.

The purpose behind a fidget blanket

The fidget blanket is ideal for people that have Alzheimer’s, as it helps them revamp some of their memory. Plus, it’s a great way to work on fine motor skills as well. It’s a product that boosts the attention span, while also preventing any boredom or issues that might arise.

Fidget blanket features

One of the core advantages of fidget blankets is that they can be fully customized based on who needs to use them. On top of that, they can have various textures and colors too. That makes them ideal for a lot of people that need this sensory stimulation, and you can easily have more than one fidget blanket if you want.

Normally, a good fidget blanket should have multiple activities in order to keep the user focused and entertained. That’s why many fidget blankets are rather complex and they will always ensure that users complete tasks and always have something new to do. If the fidget blanket can be folded, that certainly adds to its portability, and it can be used even while traveling. Some of these items can be very sensitive, so making sure that they are stitched properly is a crucial aspect to keep in mind.


A fidget blanket is one of those items that Alzheimer’s patients, kids with autism, or people with dementia can find very useful. This is the type of product that provides stellar sensory stimulation, it’s very efficient and it will convey an incredible result.

If you always wanted to bring in a better and more efficient way to prevent boredom and also explore various activities, then buying a fidget blanket is a very good idea. This type of product is not only filled with great activities and features, but it also makes it easy for the user to explore and try out new stuff. It’s a great purchase, especially if you have someone in your life suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or autism.

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