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Want to buy fidget pillows? Here is a guide that would help you with everything about fidget pillow or fidget cushion wholesaling. 

Fidget Cushion
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    Hi, I'm Monica from Let me guide you through this product page.

    I am one of the product specialists of TheGoldenPal. I've been working in this field for years. Check the left contents list to get full ideas on everything you may be curious about the wholesaling of fidget cushions or fidget pillows.

    Why Order Fidget Pillows from TheGoldenPal?

    TheGoldenPal is a reputable fidget sensory pillow/cushion company. We not only provide affordable fidget pillows/cushions but also design all kinds of fidget quilts for our clients. This makes it possible to produce the fidget quilts that meet their specific requirements using our own fidget cushions/blankets factory.

    The material of fidget pillow is very soft and filled with high resilience material. Our color palette makes them blend perfectly into the home environment. 

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    The Best Fidget Pillows for You

    Years of experience textile products manufacturing makes us perfect partner when you want to buy fidget sensory quilts such as fidget pillows, fidget blankets, and fabric maze from China.

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    Our fidget pillow is similar in size to a regular sofa cushion and is suitable for elderly people with dementia or autism, as well as those living in nursing homes. If you need to carry it with you, we recommend making a smaller size, such as 30*30cm.

    In short, we listen to your ideas and needs, we give you good advice in making a wholesale purchasing decision. 

    Let us help you succeed in this field.

    Ordering Process Flow & Time Estimation

    Here you will find the ordering process flow and duration estimation.

    Step 1: Samples Confirmation (1-7 days)

    Confirmation of pre-production samples (physical confirmation or photo confirmation). For OEM orders it will take a longer time. OEM sampling time is within 2 weeks.

    Step 2: Confirmation of PI and Pay Deposit (1-2 days)

    Both of us sign the contract (Proforma Invoice Sales Confirmation)to confirm the order. And then you arrange deposit and provide bank slip to us.

    Step 3: Bulk Manufacturing (25 - 30 days)

    The bulk manufacturing will start according to the confirmed sample. The whole process will be around 30 days including final goods inspection and packing.

    Step 4: Shipping(15 - 35 days)

    It depends on the shipment by air or by sea, and the distance between our countries. For your reference that it takes around 17 sailing days from Shanghai port China to Melbourne Australia by sea.

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    How Do We Make Fidget Pillows and Cushions?

    This is what we do when it comes to making wholesale fidget blankets and fidget pillows:

    Step 1

    Get Raw Materials Ready

    We will purchase fabrics, accessories, and export outer cartons needed from our reliable suppliers. Raw materials will be inspected before we stock them in our warehouse.

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Cut Cloth and Position Accessories

    Cut cloth, ropes, ribbons, etc to specific sizes. Get the accessories ready to sew.

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Sewing & Padding & Cleaning

    Sew all the prepared fabric cuttings and accessories properly and firmly. Fill the pillow inner. Clean each piece of the product with an air gun.

    Step 3

    Step 4

    Goods Inspection

    Inspect each piece of the goods. Ensure all of the goods are clean, all parts and accessories are firmly fixed. Appearance and function are consistent with the samples confirmed by customers

    Step 4

    Step 5


    Pack the goods into polybags or customized packages. And then put them into the export outer cartons. Stock in our warehouse before shipping.

    Step 5

    Facts you need to know

    To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our fidget pillows:

    It actually depends on the quote terms. For FOB terms we don’t cover freight or insurance. For CFR terms we cover the shipping cost to your port. We could also check the shipping cost for your reference if you want to service door to door. You make the decision then.

    Our standard size of fidget blankets is 45cm*30cm and the size of fidget pillow is 48cm*48cm. There are some customized sizes such as 53cm*41cm / 55cm*45cm for fidget blankets, and 30cm*30cm / 40cm*40cm for fidget pillows. Let us know how you want it we could realize it for you.

    Yes. For our regular design, we could provide samples free of charge. You just need to cover the freight. For your design, we will charge a small fee to purchase materials which will be refunded when we receive your official order.

    For our standard products, the production lead-time is 25 to 30 days after you confirmed the samples. Then it depends on how soon can we get the container or space booking done. Then it’s the vessel sailing/ air transportation time plus customs clearance in your port.

    TheGoldenPal’s products are made with care and love. We care about the quality and safety of our products. We release new products every quarter. So that our customers can be the first to grab the market.

    Normally we will update you with the production process so that you will have an idea of how’s the production going. If we find that any certain material will affect the on-time delivery of our finished products due to supplier problems, we will inform you in advance and discuss countermeasures with you to solve the problem together.

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