How to use a fidget blanket for dementia?

Using a fidget blanket can help since it helps patients with dementia against aggression and restlessness. It helps keep their hands busy and occupied while relaxing and sitting.

Dementia is a problem that some people go through as they get older. Usually, dementia is seen as the loss of cognitive functions.

Things like remembering, thinking and even reasoning can be difficult to fathom for a patient that suffers from dementia. On top of that, many people that have dementia are unable to control their emotions, and even have a shift in personality.

When that happens, using a fidget blanket can help since it helps patients with dementia against aggression and restlessness. It helps keep their hands busy and occupied while relaxing and sitting.

What are the main psychological symptoms of dementia?

There are many different dementia symptoms, and these tend to vary from one person to the next. However, you will also encounter some common symptoms for most patients.

These include things like having delusions, hallucinations, being anxious and agitated, constant and severe depression, as well as a sense of apathy. All these things certainly have their challenges, and that’s something to pursue as much as possible.

Why is it a good idea to use fidget items for someone that has dementia?

If a person has dementia, it’s very important for them to stay busy and focused on all kinds of tasks. This will eliminate any risks, while keeping them safe as a whole. A fidget item can help keep any dementia patient’s hands busy, which is great since it maintains them safe.

On top of that, fidget items can be used for sensory therapy. This allows dementia patients to stay calm and happy at all times. It’s a great approach and one that does help make a huge difference.

People with dementia can’t calm themselves down on their own, they are constantly restless. Which is why fidget items can indeed make a huge difference.

Can fidget blankets work for other people?

Yes, fidget items and fidget blankets in particular can work for a large variety of other people too. For example, fidget blankets. They are very good at calming patients which are known to have busy fingers. In doing so, it relaxes them and allows them to eliminate that extra pressure they are dealing with due to their condition.


Patients that have dementia, autism or a variety of other issues similar to that can benefit greatly from things like fidget items. Not only are these fidget blankets or general fidget items boosting sensory stimulation, but they can also be used as a great therapy system.

That’s why it can be a really good idea to give them a try, and we guarantee you will be incredibly happy with the results and experience. Make sure that you find the right fidget blanket / product that can help with dementia, and you will see results in no time!

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