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We design and manufacture weighted blankets, weighted lap pads, sensory body socks, weighted stuffed animals, sensory compression bed sheets, sensory fidget cushions, and blankets for people with special needs, such as children with Autism, ADHD, or elders with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. You need a supplier who had been in the field for more than 20 years to build your brand. Let TheGoldenPal help you.

A team that is easy to talk with.
A factory that is easy to work with.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of weighted lap pads, sensory body socks and shareholder of plush toys maker, besides making our regular orders, we are more than happy to help our client realize their ideas into reality. You are very welcome to contact us for OEM orders. 

Our Products

TheGoldenPal’s products are made with care and love. The products to children with special needs or elderly with dementia are carefully designed and produced with love. We fully understand that the gifts given to them must be safe and not easy to rip off.  Because the caregivers cannot guarantee to be by their side 24/7.

TheGoldenPal's Services is Always Extra Mile Ahead

We believe that only by serving our customers better can we go farther.

Attention to Details

We pay attention to various details in production. To ensure product safety. This allows our distributors to focus on what they do best - selling.

ODM / OEM Available

Equipped with an experienced R&D team to understand the needs of clients. Normally OEM samples could be ready in 7-10 working days.


We accept orders from 500pcs to test your market. It's a great honor to see our customers' business growing step by step.

Quality & Cost Control

Quality control in every production process. With great factory management, we save costs. No surprise bill that would appear.

Why Choose TheGoldenPal?

After years of carefully operation, we are now a leading sensory products manufacturer in China. 

Sufficient Inventory

For regular orders, we stock enough fabric and material to ensure a quick delivery.

Great Support

The staff you are talking with are very experienced to understand all your needs.

100% Safe Material

We strictly select fabric and accessories. We only use Eco-friendly materials.

Customized on Demand

Provide your design or let us know your ideas, we usually finish the sample in 7-10 working days.


Our Happy Clients from 30+ Countries

FAQs About Sensory Tools and Weighted Products Wholesale

Here are some important concerns of our customers. Contact our team for more questions. You will get a reply within 8 hours.

Is your weighted lap pad safe to my customers?

Yes. The fabric and filling stuff we are using is Eco-friendly. They are safe to people.

Will consumers in my country buy it?

Dementia patients or autistic kids could spend a soothing time with our fidget blankets while caregivers could have some spare time for other things. This is a niche market. The majority of our client’s sales are very well and their customers love our fidget blankets.

Are you able to make OEM orders?

Yes. To simply add a logo on our products or manufacture according to your design. We have a very experienced R&D team. We’d love to help realize your ideas from paperwork to real products.

What is the most important feature of TheGoldenPal fidget blankets?

Give us your design or just some ideas we will make you ideal fidget blankets or fidget pillows for Autism children or Dementia Alzheimer patients.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the goods?

For regular orders we generally deliver in 25 to 30 days, OEM orders require additional sampling time. Shipment by sea will take a longer time than shipment by air.

Can I come to China for factory inspetion?

Yes of course. But it’s better to wait until the epidemic ends. We suggest an online factory inspection now. 

What are the payment options?

Normally we accept T/T with a down payment. For small quantity orders, we may accept payment through Payoneer.

Which of your products are selling better?

If your customers are very price sensitive then we will suggest you wholesale fidget blankets and weighted lap pads instead of fidget pillows/cushions. Because the volume of the pillow is bigger which makes the freight higher.

Any benefits for sensory fidget blankets, fidget pillows/cushions, and weighted lap pads from China?

Well, China has a very comprehensive and mature industry chain. There may be wholesalers of fidget blankets in India or Vietnam, but TheGoldenPal can guarantee that our prices can be on par with theirs and our service far exceeds your expectations.

Sensory Body Socks

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