Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Loved One With Alzheimer’s or Dementia Today

This article is about 5 very good gift ideas for Alzheimer's patients, and also some selection tips for business owners who want to enter the sensory tools and healthcare business field.

It’s fun and exciting to give gifts during the holidays, but when someone has Alzheimer’s or dementia, it can be challenging. Often, people think it is unnecessary to offer a gift to a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia. But think again! Having Alzheimer’s or dementia is not synonymous with insensitivity. These people can fully perceive the love and compassion transmitted with a gift. When the gift is well chosen, it can even bring the greatest good to the sick person.

How to choose the right gift? You should choose your gift thoughtfully. That is, consider the stage of the degeneration process. Therefore, it is necessary to choose objects adapted to the patient’s needs.

But the thing is, a gift can be therapeutic: stimulate cognitive functions, train the hands and fine gestures, and stimulate the senses… For example, you can offer modeling clay or kinetic sand.

In this article, we present to you the best 5 gift ideas for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

1. Sensory Blankets and Sensory Cushions

People with Alzheimer’s or dementia always get anxious and nervous easily. A sensory fidget blanket offers a variety of fun activities and will keep fidgety hands busy. Making their hands busy is an excellent way to distract their attention and relieve their anxiety and stress.

People with Alzheimer’s and dementia quickly get agitated. Various small accessories are designed in the fidget blanket, including large and small pockets, containing many things, including zippers, buckles of different materials, Velcro, beads (on an abacus), elastic cord, colored ribbon, etc. So many toys can be played with to practice manipulative ability for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, keeping them busy and helping their therapy.

The sensory fidget cover blanket is of the right size and has many small accessories, including a large pocket and an opening where you can put a pillowcase pillow. This bustle toy can be used as a blanket and pillowcase to relax in all conditions for your loved one with dementia.

The sensory fidget blanket and pillow are made of Minky and quality fabrics to provide comfort and minimize the chances of wearing out fast. The sensory fidget pillowcase can be spread and folded into a small package, which is very light and easy to carry when going outside.

TheGoldenPal sensory and fidget blanket is the perfect option to gift a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is designed to help more Alzheimer’s and Autistic people get relief or recover from their condition. Their sensory fidget and blanket/ pillow is the ideal option to minimize stress, anxiety, and agitation.

2. Weighted Products

weighted products
weighted products

There are multiple weighted products you can also gift a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They include:

  • Weighted blanket- is a great item that can help relieve agitation, stress, or anxiety that comes with Alzheimer’s or dementia. It offers comforting pressure, reducing anxiety. People living with dementia will feel more comfortable sleeping or sitting on a weighted blanket when experiencing stress or confusion.
  • Weighted Lap Pad- It is an ideal gift used mainly by children with special needs and adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Benefits of the weighted lap pad include promoting a calming effect, relieving stress and anxiety, improving focus attention, and reducing fidgeting.
  • Weighted Neck Wrap- It is an excellent gift for everyone aged 5 years and up. Including people living with dementia or Alzheimer’s because of its role in stimulating the deep feeling of pressure. It also soothes the sore or tired neck and shoulder. The weighted neck wrap also keeps body balance and relieves pressure. Some of these filling with clay beads that are microwaveable which could deliver hot or cold therapy, mainly to soothe the pain.

TheGoldenPal has the best high-quality weighted products made with soft materials for maximum comfort. 

3. Dementia Clock With Large Screen

digital day clock
digital day clock

Suppose your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and suffers from various cognitive disorders that are particularly disabling daily (such as concentration disorders, memory lapses, severe disorientation in time, or even gestural disorder). In that case, you can offer him the dementia clock.

This clock will be perfect for helping your loved one with dementia find his bearings in time without him needing to touch it. Thanks to its large screen of about 10 inches, the dementia clock will help your loved one easily find their way in time with a simple glance.

Indeed, the dementia clock will provide your loved one with complete information all day long. It will tell them in particular:  

  • Time (in digital or analog format, depending on your preferences) ;
  • Day (e.g., Monday) ;  
  • Date (e.g.: December 20, 2022) ;
  • Time indicator (e.g., morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night).

This different information will allow your loved one to know what day it is and will thus avoid some setbacks such as going to the supermarket on a Sunday or even having dinner instead of breakfast.

To best adapt to the cognitive difficulties of your loved one, it will even offer you the possibility of modifying the display of his clock. 

4. Wearable GPS Tracker 

Another ideal gift you can give someone with dementia. With this device, you can easily monitor your loved one, who is vulnerable to becoming lost or disorientated.

You should look for a device that is easy for them to carry around and quite easy for them to keep when they leave the house. This vital technology plays a significant role in the safety of your loved one. You can never go wrong when you gift them.

5. A Soft Sensory Plush

To help your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease come out of his isolation, soothe his anxiety and foster a deep sense of well-being in him, you may be able to offer them a sensory plush.

The sensory stuffed animals designed to soothe specific symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are interactive. This means that they will react to your loved one’s attention, much to their delight. Using sensors, they can, for example: 

  • meowing or barking;
  • to purr; 
  • respond to caresses and hugs; 
  • or perform head movements.

Specially designed to soothe the cognitive disorders of people with Alzheimer’s disease, these sensory soft toys will promote your loved one’s empathy.


These are some of the best products for your loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. How about you choose the ideal gift for your loved ones to keep them safe and happy.

They are also a perfect idea for those who wish to start a business in this niche market. Write to us today if you are willing to start or expand your the sensory tools business. Contact TheGoldenPal Team to discuss more wholesale options.

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